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Passive Loudspeaker Ci4 Cornered Audio

Passive Loudspeaker Ci4 Cornered Audio

EUR 140.00

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Warranty 12 months
Return within 7 days

Ci4 is a feature packed compact 2-way full-range speaker with medium output. It features an advanced passive woofer design enables the compact cabinet to delvier full-range bass. With a wide and uniform dispersion, full coverage can be achieved by installing relatively few speakers, which makes the Ci4-V especially suited for in-door and outdoor commercial installations. The patented triangular cabinet features integrated mounting points allowing the cabinet to mount flush in corners or onto walls and ceilings without brackets. The new sliders makes for an even easier installation.

Cabinets can be coupled together to increase coverage to 180, 270 or 360 degree. The cable connection is invisible both in vertical and horizontal applications the tweeter features a switchable protection circuit for added safety. In high-impedance mode, the Ci4-V has tap settings for 3,5 – 7,5, 15 or 30 watt output conveniently located on the front baffle.

Ci4 is the perfect elegant speaker solution for back ground sound in commercial installations such as cafes, hotels and shops.

4” woofer + 4” slave
1” silk dome tweeter
Triangular ABS cabinet
IP65 rated
Switchable tweeter protection
Mounts without brackets
Hidden cable connection
Ci4: 8 ohm
Ci4-V: Switchable 100/70V mode/8 ohm mode

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