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Cable d+ USB Type C To B 2m Class B Neo

Cable d+ USB Type C To B 2m Class B Neo

EUR 35.00

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Warranty 24 months
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Type-C connector is very convenient because there is no distinction between the both sides. Therefore, durability is absolutely imperative in hard using environments. “d+ USB Type-C class B” is produced under the thoroughgoing quality control, and only those that pass rigorous testing are shipped. In addition to tests under actual usage conditions such as insertion / extrac- tion, bending resistance, and load resistancetests, TDR (Time Domain Reflectometry) tests which are characteristic impedance tests, and temperature differences from 20 °C to 105 °C. Not only measurement of shape change and electrical characteristics after 48 hours, but also all environmental tests such as more than 80% humidity environment and UV irradiation tests, only products that meet all criteria will be delivered to you.


d+USB Type-C classB/2.0

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