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Omnidirectional Conference Microphone CTB30-S Earthworks

Omnidirectional Conference Microphone CTB30-S Earthworks

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Warranty 24 months
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The Earthworks CTB30 High Definition Boundary Microphone™ is the perfect choice for high quality teleconferencing applications. It is a low profile, pristine sounding microphone solution for any conference or huddle space. Its extended high frequency response to 30kHz and Omni Semisphere™ polar response provide the same high intelligibility at virtually any point around a conference table or other surface on which the microphone is mounted. In addition, the extremely fast diaphragm settling time allows more subtle details and nuances of the human voice to be reproduced, which adds to the incredible clarity and intelligibility of the CTB30 at various distances from the microphone.

The CTB30 incorporates a unique filter that significantly reduces low frequency table thumping and HVAC noise. In addition, it delivers an impressive reduction of unwanted sounds from paper and pens. Like all Earthworks microphones, the CTB30 is completely immune to RF interference from mobile phones and other RF sources. Measuring just 4.1 inches in diameter, the CTB30’s sleek design fits seamlessly into any room.

Specially engineered filter to minimize table thumping and HVAC noise
Reduced pickup of paper shuffling
30kHz flat frequency response optimized for speech
Ultra high intelligibility
More gain before feedback
Near perfect polar pattern
True Semisphere™ omnidirectional polar pattern
RF resistant
Rubber, shock absorbing pads eliminate vibration noise
Designed to allow cable to exit from the rear or bottom of the microphone
Low profile design
Only 4.1 inches (10.4cm) in diameter
Available in black, white, silver or Nextel® Dark Black finish
Primary applications include teleconferencing, distance learning, surveillance, boardrooms, government facilities, and ambient room miking.

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