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Bass Speaker RV4504 Volt

Bass Speaker RV4504 Volt

EUR 579.38

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Warranty 24 months
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Benefits: The RV4504 is a unique loudspeaker that uses Radial Technology and is optimised for ultimate bass reflex system performance.
Features: The RV4504 features three cooling systems. In addition to the usual vented magnet it uses the patented Radial chassis, which acts as a giant heatsink, plus a multi-finned magnet intercooler. This keeps voice coil temperatures exceptionally low resulting in 3dB less power compression and tight, clean bass after prolonged operation at maximum power. A rugged voice coil able to accept high power transients coupled with lower operating temperatures means greater reliability and a long working life. The RV4504 has double rear suspensions, special rubber surround and a symmetrical field magnet for absolute linearity and transient control on high power peak inputs. Maximum damage limited cone excursion is 50 mm (2").

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