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Bass Driver Colossus 15SB Fane

Bass Driver Colossus 15SB Fane

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The Colossus 15SB is intended for use in two-way ported enclosures or as an high output bass driver in multi-way systems. The unit features a 4 inch 'sandwich' inside and outside windings voice coil driven by a non-inductive motor system which dramatically reduces third-harmonic and intermodulation distortion. The cone membrane is state of the art material that allows the driver to combine high sensitivity with the structural integrity required to produce undistorted frequencies at high output levels. The mechanical and electrical properties of the unit have been carefully optimised to allow extended low frequency output up to its rated power handling of 800 Watts (A.E.S) continuous, with peak power handling in excess of 3200 Watts. The driver exhibits an average sensitivity of 99 dB working band and is best used in ported enclosures of 45 to 125 Litres. The FC-154F01 can deliver bass down to 40 Hz (-3dB), 30 Hz (-6dB) in a tuned 125 Litre ported enclosure.

Electro Acoustic Specifications
Nominal Chassis Diameter 15" / 381 mm
Impedance 8 Ω
Power Handling 800 W (A.E.S.)
Peak Power (6dB Crest Factor) 3200 W (A.E.S.)
Usable Frequency Range (-6dB) 40 Hz - 3 kHz
Sensitivity (1W - 1m) 99 dB
Moving Mass (inc. Air Load) 10 grams
Minimum Impedance (Zmin) 7.3 Ω
Effective Piston Diameter 13" / 330.2 mm
Magnet Weight 120 oz
Magnetic Gap Depth 0.43" / 11 mm
Flux Density 1.1 Tesla
Coil Winding Height 0.75" / 19.05 mm
Voice Coil Diameter 4.0" / 101.6 mm
Speaker Type Bass Driver

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