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Multichannel power Amplifier Pi4-10K RAM Audio

Multichannel power Amplifier Pi4-10K RAM Audio

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Pi is a multipurpose series of power amps for touring and installation applications, based on the legendary QuantaPulse switching mode power supply with an innovative class H 3 steps topology.

This series includes a completely renewed PMS which incorporates a set of protection systems in power supply and audio modules which works in real time continuously maintaining all variables of the amp within safe working threshold always. So, Pi amps are appropriate machines for the most exigent applications with the best reliability.
Pi amps have been designed with a non-symmetrical class H topology which allows working with very high voltages given incredible headroom and a great punch.

All these characteristics make Pi amplifier an interesting device to work with asymmetric loads to squeeze every last drop of power in each way of the sound system.

Pi series has an extra-large 4.3″ display with capacitive touch panel whereby it is possible to control and manage every parameter of the amp and select all System Presets, Uses, User EQ and Snapshots created.

Also a powerful FIR DSP has been implemented in these amps with a software specifically developed for this series.

Extra-large 4.3" TFT display, capacitive touch panel user interface
64 bits double-precision 96kHz DSP process, and high performance 96kHz/24 bits AD/DA converters. See More
Available versions with Dante Networking (AES67 and DDM compatible) and AES3 Digital inputs
Two ports Ethernet switch for daisy chain connection
USB port for firmware update and DSP control
High voltage output for high headroom performances
QuantaPulse SMPS
Similar power per channel in any impedance
RAM Audio advanced Power Management System to squeeze until the last watt for your speakers
Exceptional power sharing in asymmetrical loads
Powerful and fast response cooling system
Industry standard Neutrik® XLR and Speakon

General Specifications :

Product type Amplifier

Channels 4

Total output power
Rated ouput power @ 2 Ohms (all channels driven)
4 x 2500W
Rated ouput power @ 2 Ohms (single channel)
1 x 2500W
Rated ouput power @ 4 Ohms (all channels driven)
4 x 2500W
Rated ouput power @ 4 Ohms (single channel)
1 x 3000W
Rated ouput power @ 8 Ohms (all channels driven)
4 x 1600W
Rated ouput power @ 8 Ohms (single channel)
1 x 1800W
Rated ouput power (4 Ohms, bridged)
2 x 5000W
Rated ouput power (8 Ohms, bridged)
2 x 5000W
High Z 70Vrms / 100Vpeak
4 x 2500W
High Z 100Vrms / 140Vpeak
4 x 2500W
Max output voltage
176 Vpeak
Max. output current
50 Apeak
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)
Intermodulation Distortion (SMPTE)
Voltage gain
26dB - 44dB (1dB step)
Signal/noise ratio
107.5 dB
Operating voltage
170 V AC - 255 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz, 90 V AC - 140 V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
1/8 rated power (@230V/4 ohm)
16 A
Protection circuits
ICL™, mute when turning on, on/off transients, Open or mismatched loads, PMS™, power supply overload, RF, short circuit, soft start, SSP™, thermal overload
483 mm
89 mm
320 mm
8,5 kg

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