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Drum FullKit System DFK1 Earthworks

Drum FullKit System DFK1 Earthworks

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Set of 9 high definition drum microphones and accessories housed in 2 high-impact carrying cases

The Drum FullKit is the ultimate set of high definition drum microphones. It includes microphones and mic accessories for each element of the drum set, and comes housed in two high-impact carrying cases. The custom foam insert for each case makes it easy to store your drum microphones and related accessories when they are not in use. The high-impact case will also protect the microphones and accessories while you are traveling or touring. The cases can be dropped without damaging either the case or the microphones.


Improved impulse response for faster and more accurate transients

Shorter diaphragm settling time to prevent quieter attacks from being blurred by earlier loud attacks

Extended frequency response to 30 kHz to capture a crisper and more realistic image

Near perfect polar patterns that remain even across all frequencies and at any position within the pattern


1 DP25/C snare microphone

4 DP30/C tom microphones

5 RM1 RimMounts

9 LevelPads

1 windscreen to mike snare

2 windscreens for mounted toms

2 windscreens for floor toms

2 SR25s for overheads

1 SR30 for hi-hat

1 SR30 for kick drum

1 KickPad

2 SRW2 Stainless Steel vocal windscreens

2 high-impact road cases

Manufacturer Earthworks
Model DFK1
Bundled Items Carry Case/Bag, Clip Holder
Connectivity Wired/XLR
Microphone Form Factor Handheld/Stand-Held
Pickup Pattern/Type Cardioid/Condenser
DFK1.Manual.6.12.PrintVers Download
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