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Mixer-Processor DAM 614 Ecler

Mixer-Processor DAM 614 Ecler

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DAM614 is an audio digital mixer that comes after the great success of its predecessor, the DAM514, including many enhancements and new features. Thanks to them, it becomes a perfect choice for both profiles of end users: the ones that feel comfortable with analogue, even old-school audio devices and their touch, and the ones that prefer the digital world. In both cases, DAM614 amazing processing power is still there.

It includes 6 audio inputs and 4 audio outputs, front panel inputs and outputs level controls, DSP processing, RS-232 con¬nectivity and 4 REMOTE control ports (0-10VDC). Its 4 outputs can be used as mono independent zones or coupled as stereo zones. Regarding inputs, the first 2 are stereo LINE inputs, and the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th ones are MIC/ LINE ready, being possible to use them independently (mono) or as stereo-coupled inputs.

Main Characteristics:

2 stereo LINE inputs, RCA terminals

4 MIC/LINE inputs, balanced, Euroblock terminals. Can be configured to work independently (mono) or linked in couples to become a 3rd and/or a 4th stereo input

4 balanced audio outputs, Euroblock terminals: each output can work in single mode (mono zone) or linked with another output to become a stereo zone (A&B / C&D couples)

DSP @ 24 bits / 48kHz

Front panel LCD display, 2x20 characters and 10 front panel LED indicators (one for each input and output)

6 front panel input control digital knobs (one per input)

4 front panel output control digital knobs (one per output)

4 front panel keys, for parameters adjustment and menus navigation

4 REMOTE ports (0-10 VDC), ready for inputs or outputs volume control, source selection, presets recovery, etc., using WPm series wall panels

 PAGER port for real-time voice paging, using an MPAGE4 console unit

MUTE port for one or several zones muting via external contact closure

RS-232 Interface with EclerCOMM free application ( and CA-NET protocol compatibility


Independent level control for each input and output

Independent mixer for each output zone: a different combination of inputs and levels (a mix) can be adjusted for each of the 4 available outputs

Independent 3 band tone control (BASS-MID-TREBLE) for each input

Crossover filters available for each output

Independent 10 band graphic EQ for each output

Independent and adjustable High-pass filter available for MIC/LINE inputs

2 level priority PAGER / DUCKER function (emergency, paging, message delivery, etc.), triggered by MIC/LINE inputs

 Independent Noise Gate function for MIC/LINE inputs

 Independent Feedback Suppressor Function (feedback loops, or Larssen effect) for MIC/LINE inputs

Adjustable delay time for 2 outputs

System templates to create new user configurations.

20 user presets and system templates to create new user configurations

Three password-protected front panel lock modes.

System templates to create new user configurations:

T1: 4 stereo INs x 4 mono OUTs

T2: 4 stereo INs x 2 stereo OUTs

T3: 4 stereo INs x 1 stereo OUT + 2 mono OUTs

T4: 3 stereo INs + 2 stereo INs x 4 mono OUTs

 T5: 3 stereo INs + 2 stereo INs x 2 stereo OUTs

 T6: 3 stereo INs + 2 stereo INs x 1 stereo OUT + 2 mono OUTs

 User Presets: 20

Inputs, Outputs and Presets label edition

Three password-protected front panel lock modes:


Only MUTE/VOL for the input

Only MUTE/VOL for the inputs as well as outputs’ level adjustment

Recommended amplification:

MPA multichannel series

NXA multichannel networkable series

DPA and GPA stereo series

HZA, multichannel 100V line series

HSA, 100V line series


MPAGE4 paging station

WPm series wall panel controls


A/V corportate, retail and education applications

BGM & Paging solutions, with message priorities and source/volume independent selection

Integration in installation global control system


P.A. management (multi-way speaker processing, delay adjustment, etc.)

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