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Professional DJ Mixer FF6.2 L Formula Sound

Professional DJ Mixer FF6.2 L Formula Sound

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An evolution of the renowned FF6000, the FF6.2 features precise four-band, full-kill EQ on all channels. This allows for complete frequency band cuts and isolation as well as subtle spectral balance mixing more commonly associated with studio mixers. The EQ frequency response characteristics have been carefully optimised to give superior, intuitive control of bass, low-mid, high-mid and highs.

Channel 1 & 2 inputs are Mic and Balanced line with a selectable compressor. The Mic input may be set to Booth mix or post Booth mix. Channels 3-6 inputs are Phono and Line. The headphone may be set to pre or post EQ and there is a cue balance control. The cross fader features a contour control. A PRO X cross fader is available as a cost option.

Each channel has 2 selectable inputs, 4 band full kill EQ, 2 Aux, 12 LED meter and adjustable high and low pass filters. The low pass filter is adjustable from 20KHz to 1 KHz and the high pass from 20Hz to 1KHz.

The output section includes Console mic, Master, Booth, and AUX level controls plus metering and headphone outputs. The headphone has a split selection.

Balanced inputs on channels 1 & 2 are on 3 pole 1/4 inch jack sockets. The compressors on channels 1 & 2 operate on both Mic and balanced line inputs. The compressor has a LED threshold indicator and the compression and threshold can be adjusted using hidden controls through the base of the Mixer. Inputs are selected by a switch at the top of each channel. Channels 3-6 have RCA phono connectors with the upper pair being line input and the lower pair phono. Master and booth outputs are both balanced XLR. AUX outputs are balanced on 3 pole 1/4 inch jack sockets. Record outputs are on unbalanced phono sockets. A mono balanced output is on XLR, this output may be switched to Sub Bass using a control through the base of the mixer. The insert is enabled with a switch just below the master volume control. There is a 2 pin remote mute connector for use with a fire alarm or similar. This mutes the music but leaves the console mic on (if Ch1 and / or 2 MIC inputs are set to Post Booth then these will also be on). The Booth and Master have left and right 12 LED stereo metering. The Booth has a mono switch and pan pot, the console Mic is excluded from the booth output and Channel 1 & 2 Mics are selectable. Each input has a recessed gain trim on the rear panel (except balance line on 1 & 2). The microphone inputs all have a phantom power switch through the back panel. The microphone inputs are all on XLR and the Mic gain trims are multi turn potentiometers for extra fine adjustment. The Zone output is balanced on a 6 pin connector. The Zone level is controlled by a remote panel that connects to a 3 pin connector just below the Zone output - this panel may be located in a different room. Insert is on 3 pole 1/4 inch jack sockets (send and return). Two headphone outputs are provided (headphones must be at least 32 ohms impedance). The Mixer has 2 built in fans that must not be blocked; a space must be left around the mixer for ventilation.

Channel Features
6 Channels.

Rear Panel Controls
ff6.2l-rear panel
FF6.2L Rear Panel
The image shows the FF6.2L rear panel.

Master Section
Very comprehensive effects routing and mixing facilities

Master output available in stereo and mono on XLR connectors (balanced)
Zone output available in stereo and mono on XLR connectors (balanced)

Audio Quality
The FF6.2L and FF4.2L are designed to be the best quality professional DJ / Club mixers in the world
Built in the UK using top quality components, no expense has been spared in producing the best DJ mixer possible

Dimensions: 445 mm x 370 mm x 125 mm
Weight: 10 kg.


Line channels 6
Imputs 2 x Microphone inputs / 2 balanced stereo line inputs / 4 x Phono / line inputs
Dimensions 445 mm x 370 mm x 125 mm
Weight 10 Kg
ff6-2l_manual_p Download
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