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Digital Network Audio Amplifiers DNA Series XTA

Digital Network Audio Amplifiers DNA Series XTA

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Warranty 24 months
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The DNA Series offers the assurance of XTA’s highest quality audio power amp technology with future proofing via the inclusion of simple to use digital audio networking.

Fast rear panel switching allows the amplifier to accept either four channels of analogue audio or pick up four channels of networked audio, via Dante, which is then converted using 24 bit 96kHz DACs.

Connect to an DPA amplifier using a single CAT5 cable to realise a stereo 4 way system with no further external processing required. Switch back to analogue to use as a powerful traditional quad channel amplifier. Run bridged channel pairs or link adjacent inputs for total flexibility in either analogue or digital mode.

          DNA20     DNA40      DNA80       DNA100     DNA120

8R      175W x 4   500W x 4 1000W x 4 1400W x 4 2400W x 2
4R      350W x 4 1000W x 4 2000W x 4 2700W x 4 4600W x 2
2.7R   480W x 4 1400W x 4 2200W x 4 3700W x 4 6250W x 2
2R      360W x 4 1200W x 4 2000W x 4 3500W x 4 6800W x 2

THD: (@1dB below maximum output power) @ 1kHz <0.08%, [ DNA20 <0.01%]
@ 20Hz to 20kHz <0.1%, [DNA20 <0.02%]

Gain / Sensitivity:
Gain 32dB [DNA20 26dB]
Sensitivity (for maximum power)
+10.7dBu (2.7V), [DNA20 8.3dBu (2.0V)]

Frequency Response:
20Hz to 20kHz (+0.5dB)

(2U) (mm)     88(h) x 482(w) x 458(d)
(1U) (mm)     88(h) x 482(w) x 458(d)

Weight (boxed = shipping weight) :
DNA120: 12.25kg (27.0lbs), Boxed 14.25kg (31.4lbs)
DNA100: 12.5kg (27.6lbs), Boxed 14.5kg (32.0lbs)
DNA80: 11.0kg (24.2lbs), Boxed 13.0kg (28.7lbs)
DNA40: 10.0kg (22.0lbs), Boxed 12.0kg (26.5lbs)
DNA20: 5.1kg (11.3lbs), Boxed 5.9kg (13.0lbs)

Front Panel:
1 x Power Switch [DNA20 N/A]
1 x STBY LED (orange)
4 x 6 point LED level indicators,
4 x level controls
3 x Channel Audio LINK LEDs (yellow)
2 x BRIDGE LEDs (green)
1 x NETWORK AUDIO LED (3 x yellow)

Rear Panel:
4 x Neutrik Speakon output connectors [DNA20 2 x]
(4 pole)
4 x Neutrik XLR female connectors
(audio input)
2 x Ethernet RJ45 (Audio Network)*
3 x Channel Link Switches
2 x Bridge Mode Switches
1 x Analogue/Network Source Select Switch

Mains voltage: 115/230VAC nominal 50-60Hz
(factory set for either 115 or 230V operation)
Mains current:  20A maximum
Suggested circuit breaker: C32
Mains connector:  PowerCon

DNA20  Universal 90-240VAC 50-60Hz
Mains current:  6A maximum
Mains connector:  IEC 3 pin unswitched

++Powers measured for continuous music with Crest Factor of 4.8 (14dB)

*2.7 ohm power quoted for highest single ended output and greatest efficiency (3 x 8 ohm parallel drivers).   Amplifier is stable with 2 ohm loads but output will be reduced.


THD: (@1dB below maximum output power) @ 1kHz <0.08%
Gain / Sensitivity Gain 32dB
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz (+0.5dB)
Dimensions (2U) (mm) 88(h) x 482(w) x 458(d)
Weight 11.0kg (24.2lbs), Boxed 13.0kg (28.7lbs)
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