Str. Caraiman, Nr. 38, Constanța 900137



+4 0722 515 215
+4 0731 005 115

Manufacturer: Sommer Cable

cablu-multi-filar-quantum-08-qmc-sommer Promo

Cable Quantum Multipair 08 QMC Sommer

conector-xlr-male-hi-x3cm-v-sommer Promo

XLR Connector HI-X3CM-V HiCon Sommer

conector-xlr-mama-hi-x3cf-v-hicon-sommer Promo

XLR Connector Female HI-X3CF HiCon Sommer

conector-xlr-mama-hi-x3cf-blk-hicon Promo

XLR Connector HI-X3CF-BLK HiCon Sommer

conector-xlr-hi-x3cm-blk-hicon-sommer Promo

XLR Connector HI-X3CM-BLK HiCon Sommer

cablu-microfon-club-mkii-sommer Promo

Microphone Cable Club MKII Sommer

cablu-microfon-sc-primus-sommer Promo

Microphone Cable SC-Primus Sommer

cablu-boxe-2x150mm-sc-nyfaz-sommer Promo

Speaker Cable SC-Nyfaz 2x1,5mm Sommer

cablu-boxe-sc-orbit-225-mkii-sommer Promo

Speaker Cable SC-Orbit 225 MKII Sommer

cablu-boxe-sc-twincord-2x4mm-sommer Promo

Speaker Cable SC-Twincord 2x4mm Sommer

cablu-boxe-twincord-225-sommer Promo

Speaker Cable SC-Twincord 225 Sommer

cablu-microfon-sc-stage-22-highflex Promo

Microphone Cable SC Stage 22 Highflex Sommer

cablu-boxe-elephant-spm-440 Promo

Speaker Cable Elephant SPM 440 Sommer

cablu-boxe-meridian-sp-225-sommer Promo

Speaker Cable Meridian SP 225 Sommer

sommer-cable-twincord-260 Promo

Speaker Cable Twincord 260 Sommer Cable

cablu-boxe-meridian-sp-240 Promo

Speaker Cable Boxe Meridian SP 240 Sommer

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