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Loudspeaker In-ceilling 70-100V-8ohm eIC51 Ecler Omnidirectional Conference Microphone CTB30-B Earthworks Commercial Audio Bundle eHMA IC6 Ecler


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EUR 12.00 EUR 518.03 EUR 550.00
Passive Loadspeaker Wide Dispersion BRW-26 Ohm Sound projector ePRS20Ti Ecler In-ceiling Loudspeaker eIC51-F Ecler


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EUR 816.20 EUR 48.00 EUR 12.00

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SKB Cases

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News From Ecler ISE 2019

News From Ecler ISE 2019

This year at the ISE 2019 (Integrated Systems Europe) salon, ECLER's Spanish audio equipment manufacturer launches two new product lines, Ecler Video and Ecler Acoustics. Innovative solutions in professional audio.

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